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Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Kit [Review]

Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Kit
Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Kit 

Looking for a pocket friendly, battery operated personal cleansing kit. Touch beauty have made your wish come true…but wait is it worth buying?

Product Description:
It comes in a small and light weight plastic box. Inside the box there is small handle with 3 attachments. 3 attachments consist of 3 different brushes; a cleaning brush, a latex or exfoliation brush and a silicon brush. It’s a water resistant, two speed battery operated system. Well you have to buy batteries yourself as it doesn't come with it.

Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Kit
Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Kit
Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Kit
My Experience:
Well firstly it’s easy to carry because of it compact design. According to my requirement I can easily attach my desire attachment with the handle. Water resistant make it ideal for me to use it under water. Furthermore due to it’s two speeds mechanism, you can easily use it on sensitive areas of your face as cheeks…

Cleaning Brush:
It is a brush with a sponge attach to it. I simply call it sponge brush. Quality of the sponge is good and it’s firmly attach to the plastic base. It’s meant for cleansing and make up removing purpose, but I use it for cleansing and exfoliation. I avoid using it for makeup removing, because the sponge get badly stained with makeup residues mostly kajal and mascara. So, for me, no makeup removing by this brush. I like to do exfoliation by this, I simply wet my face, apply the product on my face in ………..and just exfoliate by it. All I get is soft and smooth skin.
Cleaning and Clearing Brush Of Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Kit 

Exfoliation Brush:
Well it’s a latex brush. Its bristles are not this much soft, as they should be, as it’s meant for facial purpose. I use it for make-up removing purpose as there is no chances of it getting stain. I do not like this brush that much due to its bristles. But wait I exfoliate my hands and arms with it, a good use of it rather than declaring it useless.
Exfoliation Brush Of Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Kit 
Silicone Brush:
As the name indicate it’s a silicone brush, it have small round soft cone like projections on it. Overall it a nice soft brush. I use it on daily basis mostly to massage my face, to apply moisturizer or night cream. It’s also easy to clean as compare to the other two, just an old tooth brush and you are done.

Silicon Brush Of Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Kit 
3 in 1 system. cleansing, exfoliating and massage.
The sponge and silicon brush are so soft.
Two speeds mechanism make it easy to use on sensitive areas of face.
Water resistant.
Come in easy to carry box.
Battery operated, no charging.
Sponge get stained easily.
Bristles of latex brush are not up to the mark.
Attachments are not sold separately.


Cost and Availability:
I bought it for PKR. 2799 /- . You can buy it from touch beauty website,, beauty arena and


  1. Very informative liked ur way of explaining the product use , cons n pros and rating.

  2. Thank you so much...for means alot to me.

  3. This cleansing kit iz very good.I also hv got this.

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