Monday, April 6, 2015

Beauty Blender By Jioney USA- Review

Who doesn’t like to apply foundation flawless....a product that evenly covers all areas of face especially those small areas which are not effectively reached by brushes.... well beauty blender have bought a revolution in makeup application. Let check how my experience was with jioney beauty blender?
Beauty Blender By Jioney USA
Beauty Blender 
What JIONEY Says About It?

The body dusting puff is designed for the application of loose facial and body powder. Innovative designed makeup sponge by CHARACTER helps in blend foundations, concealers, powders and blusher evenly and graceful. It gives you allows you to reach every area of your face. Suitable for both wet and dry use.

Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender 
Product Description:

It come in a clear plastic zip lock bag.  It’s available in many colors. I have got mine in pink. It have a soft yet, tough rubbery texture. It’s one end is pointed while the other end is like a flat base. In the middle, its bend inward, providing nice grip during application.
Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender 
Beauty Blender By Jioney USA
Beauty Blender 
My Experience:
 (This one is a close dupe, of original beauty blender. But it’s being sell by the name of beauty blender, in a much low price as compare with the original one.  A haven’t had a chanced of using the original one, so I can’t compare it with that. So, my review would be totally based on my experience with it).
Firstly the sponge is latex and odor free. The pointed and flat shape helps it to reach each and every area of face, making it ideal for flawless make up application. I use the flat surface for applying and blending cream based foundations however, for liquid foundations I use it just to blend them; for application, I use my regular liquid foundation brush. It does an excellent job in blending almost giving air brush finish.

In case of compact or loose powder when using them solely I prefer to use it damp, as in dry form it does not work well. But when using compact or loose powder over foundation, dry or wet, it perform excellently in each condition.

Beauty Blender 
Beauty Blender 
Beauty Blender 

In works good with cream based blush but no way it work with powder base blush. Coming towards pointed side…ohh… it’s perfect to work on small areas of face like around nose, on eyes. In short, beauty blender helps to evenly apply make up on face.
One thing worth mentioning, its saves my lot of time….I usually was on to normal latex sponges for applying cream foundations…ohh! It use to take lot of my time…but now… all that is done in no time, thanks to it. The only issue with it is, it get stain badly, in each application. So, every time I use it, I wash it with baby shampoo and let it air dry.
Over all, it’s an affordable great quality dupe of original beauty blender.
  • Great quality.
  • Nice design.
  • Affordable.
  • Excellently blend foundation.
  • Good to work on small areas of face.
  • Get stained easily.
Rating: 4.8/5

Cost and Availability: It got it for PKR 650/- online from


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