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Keune Hair Care Range-Review

Naturally I have straight yet somewhat wavy hairs, not silky straight hairs. I love straight hairs, as they are easy to carry and are always on the set to go. So, almost for the last 3 years, every years I go through a sitting of rebounding. There is a misconception that rebounding can damage your hairs to extreme level... well this all depends upon the most rebounding care which you provide to your hairs. There are many treatment, from shampoo to conditions, masks and serum; available in market for rebounding or chemically treated hairs, well among them, Keune hair care range are used by me, it consist of a shampoo, condition and mask. Lets check my experience.

Keune Hair Care Range
Keune Hair Care Range
What Keune Says About it?
Keune Care Line Shampoo:
Keune care line shampoo (Keratin Smoothing) is a mild shampoo for normal to dry hair. Keratin and provitamin B5 nourish the hair, give shine and moisturize the hair. Apply to wet hair and work into lather. Rinse off for best result, use keratin smoothing conditioner and treatment.

Keune Care Line Shampoo
Keune Care Line Shampoo
Keune Sleek And Shine Rebonding Conditioner:
It’s good to be used for rebonded, straightened and curled hairs.

Keune Sleek And Shine Rebonding Conditioner
Keune Sleek And Shine Rebonding Conditioner
Keune Care Line (Intense Hair Repair):
Intensive hair repair for resistant and damaged hair.  Essential minerals, keravis and micro proteins improves the elasticity of the hairs. Apply to towel dried hairs and massage lightly. Leave in the hairs for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Keune Care Line (Intense Hair Repair):
Keune Care Line (Intense Hair Repair)
My Experience:
I usually use this for 3 months after having rebounding or after any chemical treatment on my hairs. There is no compulsion about it usage, you can use it in normal routine as well. This system consists of 3 steps, shampoo, condition and mask. Shampoo has a very pleasant smell. It not only moisturize my hairs but also nourish them with its provitamin B5 formula.

After doing shampoo I follow it with its sleek and shine condition. Condition comes with a very strong wax like smell and thick consistency. I apply it on my hair shafts not on the roots, rinse it after keeping it on for 5 minutes. My hairs feels super soft and lustrous.  

Condition is followed by mask. I apply the hair mask on my hair roots and cover my hairs with hair cap, wash my hairs thoroughly after keeping it for 3 to 5 minutes. This mask provide nourishment to my hairs. I have found this system perfect for me, helps me to restore the damaged caused by harsh chemicals. However to add glossy shine to my hairs I apply vitale hair serum on towel dried hairs.

Over all, my hairs never appear dull and damaged in spite of the fact I apply lots of chemical treatments on it. Thanks to this.


Cost And Availabity:
The cost of shampoo is PKR 400/- condition PKR 550/- and mask for PKR 650/-. These are easily available worldwide in any good drug store nearby.


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