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Capri Soap Bar [Review]

Capri Soap Bar

Hello! Ladies, hope you are all doing well. Today post is about one of the most famous brand, “CAPRI”. Capri names is always in lead, whenever we talk about brands that put forward products containing natural ingredients. I personally prefer using hand wash in my daily washing routine. However for shower and for my face I usually go for soap bars that are scented and made of natural ingredients. Few days pack Capri send me a gift packet, containing their complete range of soap bars and some other accessories like soap dish, scented candles and a nail paint.
Capri Soap Bar

Capri Soap Bar
Capri Soap Bar
Capri Soap Bar

What Capri Says About It?
 Capri has been touching the lives of confident women like you for decades. Your gentle skin needs gentle care. It is for this very reason that Capri draws on the finest of natural ingredients, to take good care of your skin in every season, so that you look, feel and smell fantastic.

Surround yourself with a rich blend of luxurious natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Honey, Milk Proteins, Strawberry extracts, Green Tea, Sea Minerals, Wild Orchids and Water Lily that gently nourish your tender skin and give you the confidence to shine bright every day with smooth, soft, clean and healthy skin.

Beauty is not just skin deep and Capri is passionate about inspiring women to embrace their inner beauty and be comfortable in their own skin. Through our range of gentle soaps, we hope to give young, adventurous and self-assured women like yourself yet another reason to feel good about themselves

My Thoughts:
Well capri soap bars comes in 5 variants. Nourishing peach that contains milk protein for soft and supple skin. Purifying green tea that contains wild orchid for clear and vibrant skin. Vitalizing water lily with sea minerals for fresh and hydrated skin. Strawberry softeners with rose petal and milk protein for radiant and glowing skin. Aloe nurture extract with honey and milk protein for velvety soft and smooth skin

All these gorgeous bars comes in various sizes as well, to fit in your all sought of requirement. All the soap bars comes with an amazing scent too.  I love the way they are made, with huge variation in ingredients to compliment every skin texture and type. Being made of natural ingredients it gives my skin the moisture it craves without the artificial and synthetic ingredients found in many conventional brands. 

As summer season is a head, and in summer I always go for products that have flower scent in them and give a refreshing feeling to my skin.  So, undoubtedly my favorite soap among all 5 are definitely the vitalizing water lily and purifying green tea. Both comes with wonderful smell and I'm pretty pleased with them. I used it for my face and body. The bar lasts for truly very long time. Give luxurious, creamy lather. Doesn't dry out the skin or irritate it. Leaves my skin soft and add fresh feeling to it. Loving them, they are absolutely amazing. So Do try them out, and give your skin treat with natural ingredients. 




This post contains PR samples send for review purpose. 
I am neither paid nor compensate for my opinion. 
My review is honest and is totally based upon my experience with the product.


  1. I like capri but I only use yellow one it's smell is really nice

  2. it is really an honest review and capri yellow is best no doubt :)

  3. Quite a few soap brands provide quality products.most of the time the soaps are made up of too much chemicals that they do harm to body like dryness and alleric reactions.but capri is really a mousturizing and good soap.nice review :)

  4. It a soap i am watching and using it from my childhood. The modifications are remarkable. May capri success more and more.

  5. good post, nice photo!

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  7. Great post dear! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

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  9. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  10. sounds like amazing the yellow one really has a nice smell

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